Why Choose Ferry over Plane for Family vacation Trip?

Many parents dread the idea of traveling with kids on their way to a well-deserved vacation. Kids tend to fuss and lose patience extremely quickly not to mention that you can expect an endless number of bathroom breaks, requests for food and drinks but also the necessity for games to fight boredom.

Traveling by plane from Britain to France takes a shorter while compared to any other means of transportation but you will have to keep the little ones calm before boarding, convince them to stay put in their place during the flight and keep them entertained so they won’t do something silly or throw a tantrum while on the plane.

On the other hand taking a ferry to France is a completely different story. There will always be room for one more toy because you can board with your car and you can fit in it as much luggage as you want. On the ferry to France there is a special play area, restaurants to have lunch with your family, cinemas to entertain the young adults during the trip, shops for mums and cabins to rent for a resting nap. There are also arcades for little boys and free wi-fi for Instagram and Facebook fans.

You can find out more about why should you choose a ferry trip to France instead of the regular flight by referring to the Infographic below.

 Why Choose Ferry over Plane for Family vacation Trip


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