Top 7 Ways To Avoid Constipation While Potty Training Your Child

As a parent, you have to face many situations and circumstances when you’ll be in a fix as to what step to make and which to avoid. Parenting can be a challenge but if you have sufficient amount of knowledge and information, you can clear every obstacle and raise your child well.  Potty training is one such procedure which forms a part of raising a child.

Ways To Avoid Constipation While Potty Training Your Child

Many children tend to be constipated and this can cause pain during potty training. Hence we have listed the top 7 ways to avoid constipation while potty training your child:

  • To avoid constipation in your child, make sure he gets a lot of fiber including fruits, whole grains, vegetables, nuts and legumes. These fibers keep your digestive tract clear and helps it to function properly.  This is the first step towards ensuring that a child doesn’t face constipation during potty training.
  • Your child must get a lot of fluids, especially water and fruit juices.  These fluids keep the food moving in the digestive tract of the child and helps prevent constipation.  Prune juice is one of the options which is really good for the digestion of your child.
  • Another good way to avoid constipation is to make sure that your child gets a lot of exercise on a regular basis.  This doesn’t necessarily mean that you child needs to follow an exercise program but must be allowed to run around and by physically active. This will keep his/her bowel movement correct and proper. Take your child out in the park for playing on the swings often.
  • If your child’s stool is not soft, then this may create a problem while potty training. So to ensure soft stool, try some of the natural laxative items like honey or prune.  This will prevent constipation and pave way for painless potty sessions.
  • You must let your child relax while on the potty. Make sure you don’t ask him to hurry things up as this may have an opposite impact. Try singing a song or distract the child by playing verbal games.
  • You must keep a track on the bowel movement of your child. You must try to put your child on the potty at a time when you know he/she is most likely to need to ‘go’.
  • Relax yourself. It is important for you to be relaxed and patient so as to help your child get the hang of potty training.

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