Best Potty Training Tips for Boys

Getting rid of the diapers is something all parents dream of and since boys tend to stay in diapers longer than girls, there is no wonder that many parents are looking for potty training tips for boys.

potty training tips for boys

Less fluids before bedtime

Most kids ask for a drink before going to bed. Also many parents prefer to put a glass of water near the little one so he won’t wake them in the middle of the night saying he is thirsty.

As a first tip for your boy’s potty training, you have to encourage the kid to give up the need for nocturnal drinks. Avoid getting him water or other fluids before he goes to bed and he will pee less and less inside the night diaper. Ultimately he will not wet the bedding during nighttime when he is too sleepy to wake up and call for the potty.

Right potty helps the right training

As part of the potty training for boys, choosing the right potty is perhaps the smartest. With so many colorful and variously shaped options out there, you should allow the little one to choose his own. Most likely he will become fond of the potty and you will have no trouble convincing him to try it.

Sit first, aim later

Getting the boy comfortable with the potty is part of the potty training tips for boys. If you encourage him to sit on the potty so the pee will come because he is relaxed it will be easier for him to try and achieve the right aim as soon as he feels the need to go.

Learning by example

It is true that moms are usually responsible for the larger part of potty training but as part of the training tips to use the potty for boys, dads should consider serving as an example. Showing the little one how to aim will help the transition from potty to the bathroom toilet. If there isn’t a daddy in the picture, a male relative or a friend can give a hand with this process.

Naked time and rewards

When the weather is warm letting the child run naked around the house or yard is a good tip for potty training for boys. Make sure the potty is near the place where he plays and encourage him to use it as often as possible. Also when he shows you “the success” whether it is no.1 or no.2 you should congratulate him. Come up as a reward as part of the potty training tips for boys and you will motivate him to keep on trying to get it right.


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