Best Potty Training Tips for Girls

There are a lot of things that you will miss as your child gets older, but changing dirty diapers won’t be one of them.

This is why you might need potty training tips for girls.

In order to be successful you have to make sure that the baby is ready for this important step.

Potty Training Tips for Girls

Watch and learn

Usually the toddlers learn by imitation so the first step should be to let the child watch you when you are using the toilet. Also it is important to teach her about her body parts and to make her understand that there is nothing embarrassing about the genitals.

The right equipment

The tips for girls’ potty training also include that you should have the right equipment. You should get a potty that it suitable for children and that the little girl will be able to feel as her own. You could get an adapter seat as well for the toilet, but this should fit firmly and it should also be comfortable.

Getting comfortable

If you are looking for potty training tips for girls you have to remember that there is a process through which the child will get used to the idea of using the potty. You should help her understand that the potty is just hers. Do this by allowing her to personalize it and maybe even writing her name on it.

Cool underwear

The potty training for little girls might become more pleasant if there was something to motivate the little girl. You could get her some cool underwear so that she would feel more mature and she would understand that in order to be mature she must learn to use the potty.

Training schedule

When thinking about potty training tips for girls you will have to decide which method you will use: the hot and cold one or the cold turkey method. The first one means that the little one will wear panties and diapers alternatively and the second one means that the child will wear only panties.

Sit and wipe and the potty training tips for baby girls

One of the most important parts of the potty training tips for girls is to teach her how to wipe properly. She must remember that she has to wipe from the front to the back in order to avoid getting an infection. If wiping seems difficult, you should teach her to pat.


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