The Most Essential Potty Training Equipments to Buy

If you are a parent who wants to teach your toddler how to use the toilet on his own without your help and are ready to give him some potty training, then you must know that there are some tools and equipments that you may need for this purpose.  Potty training tools or equipments help babies learn the activity fast and very easily. The following is a list of the most essential potty training equipments to buy:

potty training equipments to buy


Potty is a kind of a pot which your child can use instead of using the toilet or the nappy to excrete.  This is not a permanent solution but just something that will help your child get used to the posture, method and shape. The potty is placed a little over the floor and is smaller than a toilet.  It is not as daunting as the toilet itself and is portable as well. It can be placed anywhere in the house or outside for your child to learn.

Potty Chairs

Another tool or equipment that can help your child learn how to do potty is a potty chair.  Potty chairs are bigger than potties and have a strong base with a removable potty part so that it can be cleaned easily.  This is more comfortable equipment and is also sturdier. It is more suitable for larger toddlers but can also take up more space, which makes it a little less portable as compared to potties.

Trainer Pants

Trainer pants are another superb potty training tool which you can offer to your toddler. These are basically washable cotton pants which have a waterproof layer on the outside.  They are a good step between nappies and real pants as they help the baby get used to feeling wet.  They may not offer the best level of protection against accidents and a puddle may end up on the floor.

Pull up Pants

Another potty training material that you may need to use is a pull up pant. These look like normal underwear and may be made up of the same material as nappies.  These help the baby to feel like a grown up since the toddler learns to prepare for the loo in these by himself. He can pull his pants down and can also pull it back up when done. These can be used as use and throw.


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