How to Potty Train your Little Boy

Potty training is an important part in the growth and personal development of any kid. Once your baby boy has been potty trained properly, you will not have to worry about changing his diapers and other related cleaning even you are in the outdoors. And no mother, no matter how dedicated they are, likes the diaper changing, not even a bit.

But many a times, new parents are clueless about how to go ahead potty training. Here are some information that will help you to potty train your son effectively –

potty train your little boyPotty Training Tips for Boys

If you have a little boy who is growing up very fast, then you must consider potty training him soon. Here are some tips on potty training which you might find useful.

  • It is difficult to determine the ‘right age’ for kids in general to start the potty training. The age depends completely on your kid. However, it is generally found that a boy tend to be in his diapers longer than a girl does but second children are fast learners when it comes to potty training than the first born.
  • If you think that your boy is ready to start with the potty training, make sure that he is well settled in his routine. If he is just starting a play school or if there is any other kinds of disruption in his usual activity, then it will be difficult for him to pick up what you are teaching him.
  • Young kids love to imitate adults. Therefore it is a good idea for a father to give potty training to his son.
  • It is important for the kid to get used to the idea of sitting in a potty. So you should buy him one first and make him familiar with the set. Encourage him to decorate it with stickers if he likes them. Also, when you are going out for a long period, do carry the potty with you. So that even when he is outside his habit of using the potty does not change. It confuses little kid if they have to change their habits too often.
  • Give your son prizes when he is able to learn the process and show inclination to listen to your advices regarding that. This works great with little kids.
  • Buy him under wears. If he is ready to go to the potty and not to wear a diaper, it is time he should start wearing underwear too. Also, cool under wears can be a bonus for him; it might help him to learn quickly what you are trying to teach him.

When you are potty training your boy, make sure that you give him a lot of encouragement too. That way he will learn quickly.


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