Potty Training Toddler? How To Know When Your Toddler Is Ready For Potty Training?

Potty training toddler is not the easiest thing.

As the toddler throws temper tantrums, it is difficult in potty training toddler.

You should tell your toddler that he cannot enjoy the comforts of peeing and pooping in the diaper anymore.

Potty training can be a welcome change for some toddlers.

Some toddlers take to the potty with great excitement.

Toddlers love the absence of a messy diaper and get a real kick out of using the toilet.Potty Training Toddler

Every toddler does not enjoy the potty training. If your toddler kicks and screams in every trip to the potty, then he is not excited to the potty use.

Many toddlers view bowel movements as an extension of themselves. Toddlers go to the toilet, produce the poop and horrified at flushing out the toilet. It is important for you while potty training toddler to explain that poop goes into the toilet and there is nothing to afraid in flushing.

While potty training toddler, you have to tell your toddler to use the terms such as pee-pee, poo-poo, or potty. It helps if toddlers are excited to try the potty out. While potty training toddler, you should see whether your toddler is psychologically ready to use the potty or not.

Before potty training toddler, there are certain psychological milestones a toddler must achieve. A toddler must have intention to use the toilet, but if he doesn’t have the ability to sense when the bladder is full, then his intention to use the potty is not going to do him good.

Potty training toddler goes much more smoothly if your toddler has the physical ability take his pants down by himself. If this ability is not present, going to potty becomes frustrating to the toddler.

If you have decided for potty training toddler at the time when other changes are being happened in the family such as arrival of new baby, your toddler feels overwhelmed by the task.

Toddlers love the routine and you can try charmingly to deal with one big change. Added to one big change, if suddenly everything he knows about pooping and peeing has changed your toddler rebels from potty training.

It is understandable that you are anxious about potty training toddler to say goodbye to dirty diapers. But, the most important thing is to pay attention to the comfort level of toddler.

If you are forcing your toddler for potty training before he is ready, he is not going to be a happy toddler and you will be surprised at how amazingly stubborn a toddler can be when it comes to potty training toddler. No child goes to college or school with diapers. So, there is no need to worry. Your toddler will sooner or later use the potty without struggle.


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