Benefits for Single Parents You Should Know About

Being a single parent can doubtless be a challenging, even difficult task; but there are benefits for single parents that could make things somewhat easier. We look at some of the advantages that single parenthood entails; and also at the financial aid and benefits that single parents are entitled to.

Benefits for Single Parents


Possible benefits for single parents

While there are the obvious problems such as financial constraints, effects that a divorce could have on a child and so on, single parenting has some significant advantages as well.

As a single parent, you have autonomy as regards setting limits and deciding about parenting styles. There is no interference and you don’t have to compromise your methods of discipline to dovetail with your spouse’s methods. This can mean more consistent parenting and less confusion for the child.

It could be that the stress levels in the home decline after the end of a bad marriage – there is a lessening of the hostility and discord, which could be beneficial all around: for you and your children.

Another one of the benefits for single parents is that there is greater solidarity among single parent. The bonding may be better between a single parent and the child and the relationship itself could become more solid and meaningful.

Not only that, the child as well as the single parent could develop greater resilience and may learn to be more self-sufficient. Having a single parent makes a child more aware of responsibility and financial adversity and this fosters maturity.

When a child also has to contribute to household this can give the child a greater sense of purpose and feeling of being valued. The child develops character; and challenges can turn into opportunities for growth.

Financial and other benefits for single parents

Statistics show that a very significant proportion of single parents; particularly working single mothers face financial hardship. So, single parents can avail of government and/or federal benefits on the basis of being a single parent as well as on the basis of being within the lower income bracket.

Welfare housing is one of the ways in which things can become simpler for singer parents. If your income is below 50% of the area’s average income, you may be eligible for receiving financial assistance for housing from the Department of Urban Development; one of the significant benefits for single parents.

Food stamps are something else that single working mothers can avail of and which can make significant difference to the household budget.

Find out about the benefits that you can avail of under the Women, Infants and Children(WIC) program if you are pregnant, nursing or have young children.

Medical aid from federally funded programs and subsidies are also available for low-income single parents. There are certain statutory requirements for employers to offer assistance to single parents as well, which you should find out about since you can avail of these as your right.

TANF (Temporary Aid for Needy Families) is another one of the benefits for single parents that you could be eligible for. Find out the eligibility criterion for this benefit to see if you can apply.


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