Not Overcompensating As A Single Parent

Modern parenting often involves a single mother or father bringing up children all alone.

This may seem daunting but in most cases, there is no choice but to get on and make the best of your situation.

Good communication is key and is especially true for single parents, make sure your children know right from wrong and do not do everything for them.

There is a tendency to overcompensate if a mother or father is missing but a spoilt child will become a dislikeable adult so let them develop as individuals.single parent

You should keep yourself healthy, both in body and spirit, life is going to be tough. Try and get a babysitter so you can get out, as everyone needs to have adult time.

If you have no friends or family nearby use a babysitting service that has been recommended. Everyone needs a break from their family at some point so it is by no means a failure to feel like a change.

Whatever your circumstances do not let the feelings of guilt consume you and if possible try and put the past behind you. Looking forward to this life you have found yourself with is a positive step in itself.

An optimistic attitude will also increase your self confidence and likely mean that you will make new friends.

Financially things may be tough but your children will, with your guidance, begin to appreciate that there is more to life than expensive toys and fancy holidays. There are many activities that you can do as a family that cost little or sometimes nothing at all.


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