Stay at Home Parent vs Daycare

When it comes to parenting or looking after the children in their initial few years, most parents face lot of confusion and is unable to decide whether they should quit their jobs and become stay at home parents or opt to work and select a good daycare for their children.

Both these options have their pros and cons but it depends upon personal comfort, suitability and requirement which you choose. The following is a detailed comparison between the two.

stay at home parent vs. daycare

  • Stay home parenting is no doubt the best form of parenting or care you can provide to a child. Nothing can match the love and nourishment that parents themselves can provide to their little ones and compared to a daycare, stay at home parenting gives better attention and care. On the other hand, day care parenting is an excellent choice but not all manage to fulfill the love and warmth needs of the children.
  • A daycare is a better option for those families where both the parents cannot quit their jobs and have no one else to look after their children. Day care facilities not only look after children but also provide them with food, activities to be engaged in and a great degree of attention to the safety of the kids.
  • A quality daycare facility can prove to be an enriching experience for children as it provides many activities including social interactions, art, play, drama and others which may not be possible with stay at home parenting. So as far as the social and skill growth is concerned, a daycare facility may prove to be a better option. It makes children get used to being in the absence of parents and presence of others, which makes them much more independent.
  • Stay at home parenting may prove to be a cheaper and more affordable option since not only it eliminates the cost of daycare but also of transportation, cost of clothing for work and others. Thus it is a better option for those who currently cannot afford to spend. But at the same time, in the case of stay at home parents, there is only one earning hand in the family.

A daycare facility can do wonders for certain children whereas certain others may grow and develop more skills at home. So the choice is really personal and depends upon budget, child’s nature and other factors.


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