Top Support Groups For At-Home Parents

Though most households have to be a two income family there are still many parents that are opting to stay at home with their children at least up until it is time for them to enter the scholastic arena.

Being a stay-at-home mom or dad can be quite stressful and at times just plain lonely.

We have some suggestions for real life support groups that may help you make it through those days that never seem to end.home parents

MOMS Club, International

This group’s goal is to have a network of support in numerous localities for at-home parents as well as the rest of their family. MOMS Club is not for profit organization and began in the year 1983. Today MOMS Club can boast more than 2000 chapters throughout the U.S. along with chapters around the globe.

Activities may vary upon the chapter to which you belong but can include weekly meetings, a night out for mommies, taking the kids on a field trip to interesting places or getting together for a crafty afternoon.

Many of the chapters of MOMS Club, International ask the community for their support by running fundraisers to raise money for this great cause.

Holistic Moms Network or HMN

Parents are rethinking their ideas of what type of medical care to give their children and at Holistic Moms Network you can join with others that are looking for alternative health care for their families.

A bond that parents join this support share is to provide an environment for their children that will nourish them in the areas of the spirit, psychology, and their physical well being.

Families are getting more involved in how to live greener to protect the environment and looking towards alternative medical care that is natural rather than chemical is a goal of HMN.

It’s certainly a step in the right direction and finding a support group such as Holistic Moms Network can aid you in your quest for finding the best natural alternatives for the physical and plenty of tips on how to reduce your carbon footprint on the environment.

Teaching children as young as possible about caring for the climate, environment and themselves in a more natural atmosphere will stay with them for the rest of their lives. It will ingrain in them healthy adult living habits that they can pass onto their children.


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