Depression in Teens – How to Deal with?

Do you feel that your teen is in depression? At times, it is quite common for your adolescent to feel depressed or feel unhappy. But, if it lasts for more than a couple of weeks, it can be a warning sign for you.

Depression in teens is not just bad mood and occasional down; in fact depression in teens can be a serious problem that can have impact on each and every part of your teen’s life.

Is your child alone with teen depression?

If you think that your child is alone suffering from teen depression, you are wrong. It has been estimated by mental health experts that almost 1 in every 8 teens may struggle with depression and almost 70% of adolescents simply struggle with the pain of mental illness.

However, if left untreated or unidentified, depression in teens can lead to juvenile delinquency. But, there are many successful and effective ways to deal with depression in teens in a much better manner.

So, don’t feel depressed or worried about your teen’s mental health. Take necessary advice from psychiatrist or your personal healthcare provider and get the right treatment at the right time.

What you can do to help your depressed teen?

Be patient: Most of you think that your teens by now should be able to read your expectations from them, which is an extremely tough task for your teen. As result, it can lead to many problems in your children like teen depression. So, be patient and try to avoid arguments with your teen.

Be positive: Being a parent to a teen or adolescent, it is very essential for you to be constructive and positive, especially to deal with teen depression in an efficient way. Think about various situations in your teen’s life and use them positively for their growth. Spend few minutes with your teen everyday and focus to build positivity in his feelings and the way he deals with the situation.

Don’t manipulate your teen: Unintentionally, many parents try to dominate their teens that can be surprisingly perceived by the teen as manipulation. You may limit your teen’s freedom to what you’ll allow your children to have. This may certainly make your teen feel being manipulated and consequently leads to depression in teens.

Don’t let your teen feel down: Teens are totally confused beings and they always strive to find their own identity. So, under such circumstances you must avoid putting your teen down. Don’t expect that as your teen has grown up physically, he/she is well grown emotionally in same proportion. They don’t have enough stability to handle frustration and judge efficiently. So, try to encourage your teen and never let them feel down.


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