Four Simple Ways To Deal With Stubborn Teenagers And Keeping Your Sanity

It is often said that dealing with stubborn teenagers can be more difficult than having several toddlers in the house.

While you would think that parenting gets easier as your children grow older, that is not always the case. [parenting tips]

Do you remember being a teenager and thinking that you knew everything? The truth is that teenagers really do believe they know everything.

However, you will be amazed to find out how much they don’t know. As a parent you have to understand that teenagers are beginning to form their own opinions and those opinions may not always be the same as yours.stubborn teen

Consider the following four tips for dealing with your stubborn teenager in a non-combative way.

Keep the Communication Lines Open

The key to a happy and healthy parent-teen relationship is communication. Before you can understand why your child thinks the way they do you have to understand what is going on in their life.

For example, knowing that your child just had a difficult time with an important test at school will help you to be more understanding, when they are combative.

You have to reinforce to your children that you are a shoulder to cry on, a person to vent to, and someone who will help when they are in trouble. When your child comes to you for help try to be understanding, rather than judgmental if you want to keep communication flowing.

Back Your Opinion Up With Facts

When your child disagrees with you it can be very helpful to back your opinion up with facts. When your teenager asks “why”, don’t just say “Because I said so!” Thos will only break down the communication further.

Instead open a dialogue with your child and help them to understand why things are the way they are. This will also help your child to develop cause and effect thinking so that they think things through later in life.

For example, when your child is dead set on going to the movies but you have to say no, you can explain why it is not possible at this time. Maybe, you have company coming, or you need to go help an ailing family member. Your child will begin to understand what priorities are.

Set Clear Boundaries for Your Teen

When you set up rules for your teenager it is very important that you are clear as to what you expect and what will be tolerated. Teenagers are known to push the rules and see what they can get a way with.

If the rules are not or change too frequently your child will try harder to get away with things. When you set a rule make sure your teen understands the consequences if it is broken, and then follow through if the rule is broken.

Understand That Your Teen Is Becoming Their Own Person

As hard as it may be, you are going to have to accept the fact that your teenager is growing up. They are going to develop their own opinions and ways of doing things.

At this point you are going to have to start stepping back and letting your child make their own mistakes. If your teen is stubborn and will not listen maybe it is best to let them learn the hard way, as long as they won’t be hurt.

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