Helping Your Teen Get And Keep A Summer Job

Getting a summer job for a teenager can be a little scary. They probably don’t know what to expect in the working world.

All kinds of thoughts are probably running through their minds.  They are wondering how to go about getting a job and if they have the skills to keep a job.

Working all summer will be a huge change for them. They will have to give up a lot of their summer freedom. It is one of the first steps to them becoming a responsible adult.teen job

As a parent or guardian you want to be supportive and make this learning experience as much fun as possible for them.

Fun Jobs

Usually teenagers would prefer a summer job that lets them have a little bit of fun too. A teenager who is very good at swimming may want to become a lifeguard at their city swimming pool.

Of course they will need to take classes and get certified to become a lifeguard. It will be well worth if your teenager loves the water and would like to be out in the sun.

Go cart tracks are another good place for them to apply for a job. Most kids love go cart tracks. They will get to be outside all summer and they will be around families having fun.

Pizza places hire teenagers with a good driving record to be delivery drivers for them. They will not only get hourly pay but also tips. They have freedom with this job.

They are able to listen to their music while they are delivering. Your teen will enjoy being out in the summer weather meeting new people. This is just a few of the fun summer jobs available for teens.


Helping your teenager fill out their first job application will help them to learn how to answer employers’ questions. Pretending that you are the employer and your teen has come in for a interview will help your teen not to be so nervous during the real thing.

You are able to ask your teen questions that employers will ask and you will be able to teach them how to respond to the employers’ questions. This will help your teen also to have more confidence when they go for their actual interview.

Have your teen write down all the information about themselves that they may need when going out and putting in job applications.

Information should include their address, phone number, a list of any volunteer work they have done with dates of service, and any clubs or organizations they are in at school.

Employers take these things into consideration also. Make sure they have two forms of identification with them that are required by all employers. A driver’s license or government I.D. and social security card will be sufficient.

Getting a summer job should not be a bad experience for your teen. As they grow older they will always remember their first summer job and what fun they had.


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