How Do You Motivate Your Teens To Excel?

If you are the parent of a teen, then you must be in the same situation as I am, constantly worrying whether what you are doing is right for your teenager, or whether you have done something wrong, and if that is the reason why she is behaving the way she does with you.

When things became too much for me to handle, I talked to a professional, and here are some of the things she said to me, and believe me, when I followed these tips, I was not only able to get along better with my teen [Parenting Teen], but I was also able to motivate her into doing better and in fact excelling at whatever she took up, especially when it was related to academics.

If you have noticed, this is a common complaint for all parents of teens: teens generally lack the initiative and the motivation to excel at studies, and it is your duty as a parent to find out the best ways to goad them and motivate them into giving better, if not their best performances; after all, their entire future depends on how well they perform in academics at this stage.

Here are some tips for you on how to motivate your teen excel in academics:

  • You, yourself, should be able to serve as a role model for your teen. Almost all young teens get motivated when they watch and observe their parent put in her best efforts and trying to excel at whatever she is doing, and also fulfilling her obligations perfectly at the same time. This way, the teen will learn that her parent values both learning as well as hard work and effort.
  • Remain sincere in your praise of her efforts, although it is also true that teens need motivation in every possible way, and therefore, even if she has not done something too well, encourage and motivate her, and teach her the ways in which she can perform better.
  • Every teenager has some strengths and some weaknesses as well. Help your child find her strengths, and motivate her into building it up so that she would be able to shine, no matter what area it is.
  • Always hold realistic expectations of your teen. Remember, just because you played in your football team at college does not mean that she too will excel at the sport. If she is not interested, and you force her to try, she will definitely feel de motivated when she fails to make it to the team. Encourage and motivate her into doing what she enjoys doing best.
  • Always maintain open communication with your teen: she should be able to approach you with any problem, no matter how small, whenever she feels like. This in itself can prove to be a great motivator, because your teen will know that you are there for her, and that you will encourage her into doing what is best for her.
  • Be patient, all teens need some time to become mature enough to understand the importance of giving their best in whatever they choose to do. Do not lose heart, and most importantly, don’t berate your teen if she does not show results immediately.


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