How To Balance Parenting And Teen Privacy?

There comes a time in every parent and teen relationship where the line between sending them to their room and wanting to know what is going on in there are bound to cross.

You may want their bad attitude and sassy lip to be out of your presence for a while. However, most parents will usually agree that teens and closed doors are not always a good thing.

Finding the balance between being a good parent and giving your teen [Parenting Teen] a measure of privacy can be difficult. Teens need privacy to learn responsible behavior when left to their own devices.

Too much of this alone time for many teens results in more problems than the average parent can handle. How to find the right mix of parenting and privacy is tricky.

As a parent, it is important to realize that privacy is a privilege and not a right for teens. Privacy is like driving a car. The teen must learn the rules and consistently obey them or privacy goes away for a while.

Most teens seem to figure this out without a lot of prodding from parents. For those parents whose children abuse their private time, the nightmare of fights and social issues can seem endless.

Parents can reward teens for good behavior by granting them the power to determine their own schedules as long as the parent is informed.

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