3 Tips on how to Deal with Teenagers

Raising a child is a wonderful thing but there are times that you have no idea what to do or whether you are doing something right. This is usually the case when it comes to learning how to deal with teenagers. This is a difficult time for your son or daughter, due to all the new hormones running through the body.

If this is the first child that has reached the teenage years, there are chances that this is a difficult time for you, and you think you don’t know a thing about how to deal with teenagers. There are so many questions running through your head, such as how to deal with the attitude and how to convince your child to get out of bed. However, there are some tips to help with dealing with your teen.

How to deal with teenagers tip 1: Do not invade privacy

The worst thing that you can do is start going through your teenager’s drawers or read a diary. This is where most of the secrets are kept; it is also where problems are written when they need to get something out in the open.

If your child wants to talk to you about it, they will come to you in time – you have to give them that.

By going through their privacy, you will be showing that you do not trust your child. This will cause more problems from the teenager and there are chances that you will lose their trust. Trust goes both ways – just the same as respect.

Tip 2: Stop shouting

You will have learned that shouting at children when young does not work – the same goes for teenagers. The difference with teenagers that they are more likely to yell and shout back at you and this will lead to harsh and hurtful words on both parts. If you want to get through to them, you will need to talk rationally and calmly – this is how to deal with teenagers.

Avoid violence at all costs. There is no need to slap your child – no matter what they have done or how old they are. This will just lead to them copying you, whether it is on you or someone else.

Tip 3: Talk to them

The best way to get through to your son or daughter is to talk to them about something. If they have done something wrong, explain why that is. However, you will also need to talk to them on a regular basis about good things or something that is going on in their lives. Take some time to take an interest.

Ask how school is going and how their friends are. This will help you continue to bond with your son or daughter. They will still need you, whether it is for advice, comfort or just because they want a hug – even if they will not admit that afterwards. If you take the time to talk to them, they will feel more comfortable coming to you.

Being a teenager is a difficult time for both you and your child; they are growing up and wanting to be more independent and you need to let them do that. However, you cannot let them get away with everything. The above three tips are a way of handling difficult situations and avoiding shouting matches while learning how to deal with teenagers; they will not fit every situation and unfortunately, some of this is learning as you go.



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