How To Improve Poor Body Image Of Teens?

Now-a-days, many people including teens and adults give imperative importance to the physical appearance.

If your teenage child has a poor body image, she/he may fall into any eating disorder or some other psychological problems.

Being a parent, you can certainly help your teenage child in improving their body image.

Underneath are a few tips that can help you to improve your teenage child healthy body image.parenting9

Educate your child exactly what’s a healthy body image

Actually, body image encompasses many things, including how you see yourself or how others think of you. Make sure that your teenage child knows exactly what healthy body image means.

Avoid conversation about body weight

If your teenage child is weighing more than usual, avoid initiating conversations about their weight, since at times it can make your teenage child feel unsecured and embarrassed.

Otherwise, if your teenage child is initiating the topic help them to make the accurate decisions.

Never compliment or comment their looks

Don’t comment or compliment your teenage child by the way he/she looks, rather try to appreciate or reward them when they’ve really done an excellent work.

Limit their exposure to media

Since today media is more focused on portraying body looks and glamour, it would be best for your teenage child to limit their exposure to media.


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