Internet Latest Resource For Teen Tobacco Exposure

If you think that your teen is away from smoking habit since he/she is not watching TV shows or movies that glamorize smoking, then you are in wrong perception.

Teens most probably get positive tobacco messages through internet, especially from social networking sites.

A new study found that internet is the latest zone for teens to get exposure to positive messages on tobacco use. Though tobacco content on web pages that teens view was found less than 1%, it was found that there are more pro tobacco pages than anti tobacco pages online.teen

“We found that only a small proportion of Internet sites visited by adolescents contained tobacco messages. The significance of these messages in social networking and their impact on adolescent tobacco attitudes and use remain unclear,” wrote the study’s authors, from the Julius B. Richmond Center of Excellence at the American Academy of Pediatrics in Elk Grove Village, Ill.

Read full story at healthday


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