Student Sex Life And Academics Not Connected, Says Study

It has been assumed to a large extent that sexually active teens tend to do less well in school and that being sexually active negatively impacts grades. Recent research presented at the American Sociological Association in Atlanta challenges that assumption.

A new study is telling parents that the sex life of kids will not impact academics negatively. In a manner of speaking, that is.

Researchers found that those teens that are in committed or steady relationships fare about the same in school as do their peers who abstain from having sex. They fare no better and no worse either.

However those kids who “hook up” or get into casual flings, will find their grades going down, and also have other school related problems, as compared with the abstainers, found the researchers.

So parents need not be concerned that their teen’s academic record and future career will be jeopardized by a relationship. It isn’t sex per se, rather it is the sort of relationship that the teen is in, that will determine academic success or lack thereof. Teens in a stable relationship may find that they have emotional support from their partners, and consequently stress and anxiety levels will reduce.


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