The Difficulties Of Communicating With Teens

All parents know how difficult the period of adolescence [Adolescence Behavior] can be, no matter how hard we have worked to give our children a good education and loving attention.

Adolescence is a difficult time for both the parents and the teenager; it is a period of confusion with many changes for the adolescent, which at times it is challenging to find a balanced relationship between parents and teenager.

This does not mean we are powerless to help our teenager develop into a responsible and caring adult, it just takes more patience and understanding, it is also important to use a different approach than the one we have been used up until now.teen communication

Love and caring are fundamental, do not put pressure on your teenager by constant reprimands and corrections, try and use praise more often than discipline.

Take time to listen to his or her problems and respect the way your teenager feels, even though as an adult you may tend to criticize.

At times with teenagers it is difficult to connect, they are closed within themselves and will not talk or ask for advice. Mealtimes are good occasions to try and talk, or even whilst preparing meals together.

If the teenager does not want to share his or her thoughts with you, ask a close adult or relative to help.

Teenagers naturally express themselves by different clothing or hairstyles, try and be lenient about these eccentricities, even though they may disturb you.

Only counsel your teenager about health risks if he or she wants to go for tattooing or body piercing, do not try and obstruct the way and reprimand continually, set your teenagers free, while looking over them.


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