Things To Consider Before Giving Your Teens Their Freedom

Your adolescent has been getting on your nerves lately, and you wish that you knew exactly what to do to encourage him to become a responsible adult, while at the same time preventing him from making you get too irritated with him.

Do not worry; most parents of adolescents have to face this when it happens.

The best thing you can do is to read up on some tips that will help you cope with this trying time when you are forced to enforce limits, while at the same time offering him his freedom to grow up into a responsible and dependable adult.teen

  • No matter what the situation at the present time may be, never hesitate to show your teen that you love him and will be there for him. You can hug him if possible if he allows you to, or at least pat him on his back. Try to eat at least one meal a day together: meal times are some of the best times in a family.
  • Most parents are too quick to criticize, and most parents are too slow to praise. When you feel that he has done something that is commendable, do not hesitate to praise him for it. This will create a bond between you that will help you when you need to enforce discipline in him. [Child Discipline]
  • Do not assume that your teen would want to look like the image you have of him when you were a teenager yourself. As a matter of fact, your teen will not want to look like you at all, and therefore, leave him to his own hairstyles and clothes. If, however, he wants to have multiple piercings, or perhaps a tattoo, you will have to talk to him about the health risks involved, and make sure he understand them before he makes any decisions.
  • Remain aware of your teen’s Internet usage, and the friends he has online. Make sure he understands the hazards of giving out personal details on the internet, and the dangers of arranging to meet an online friend in real life. [Internet Safety]
  • Do not hesitate to set limits on your teen’s behavior, and also let him know the consequences he will have to face if he happens to break any of the rules you have set for him to follow. You could try writing down the rules and pinning them up in a common area, or you could be more flexible and willing to bend the rules a little when your teen shows responsible behavior.

With a little patience and a lot of understanding, there is no reason why your teen and you cannot get through this phase of growing up smoothly.


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