Trying To Stay Close To Your Teens

The teenage years can be very difficult not just for your son or daughter but also as parents it can be difficult to know the right choices to make in parenting teenagers.

What you should always remember is that every young adult is different so it is vital that you treat them as individuals.

The love you have for your children will often be rejected during this ever changing phase. Independence is everything and teenagers are desperate to prove how grown up they are. Make them aware of your love and then step back so they can develop into caring and good citizens.teen

Try to find a common interest so you can spend time together, this may appear difficult, as teenagers seem to just want space and friends in their own little worlds.

However, you will find something, be it watching a favorite TV show together or sharing some retail therapy in the Mall on as Saturday afternoon. It is essential to stay an important person in your child’s life.

At times you will feel very frustrated and find it difficult to stay patient. Rebellion is a big part of developing into an adult; everyone went through it at some stage and likely you were no different from them, back in the day. Make sure that you are there if they need you but let them make their own mistakes, that is how everybody learns.

Retaining a decent level of good communication will ultimately win, though in the end. Sometimes it will be tough, as one shouting match seems to lead to another but be strong and don’t be too tough on your teenager. Keep communicating and you will come through these years with a strong bond and often a very good friend.


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