TV Viewing Affects Teens’ Relationships With Parents

According to a report, the amount of TV watching and computer use that teens indulged in affects on the kind of relationship that teen may have with his or her parents and even friends.

The study that had 3000 children in their mid teens answered a questionnaire, found that the risk of having low attachment to parents and peers increased proportional to the amount of time spent watching TV or on the computer. Every hour of TV viewing was seen to increase risk by 4%. Every hour of playing games on the computer was seen to increase this risk of lowering attachment by as much as 5%.

teen watching television

By contrast, the level of attachment to parents was higher in those teens who spent more time studying and reading. Since attachment to parents is vital to health and development in adolescence, this is cause for concern according to those in charge of the study.

“With the rapid advance of screen-based options for entertainment, communication and education, ongoing research is needed to monitor the effect that these technologies have on social development and psychological and physical well-being among adolescents,” they were quoted as having said.

Source: ivanhoe


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