Healthy Eating For The Picky Toddler With Toddler Nutrition!

Do you remember when your baby began eating solid foods? You have enjoyed watching the reactions in your baby’s face for each new food.

Your baby might have enjoyed some tastes and scrunched up his face at others.

Now your baby turned to a toddler. He refuses to eat anything but only specific foods. And, oh yeah, he demands always those specific foods. These foods are sometimes never nutritious.

Don’t worry. You are not alone facing problem with toddler nutrition. Many parents are facing the same situation with their toddlers. What to do then? Don’t make it a war and force your toddler to eat toddler nutrition.Toddler Nutrition

Tips to help maximize your toddler nutrition:

  • To maximize your toddler nutrition, make the best of what your toddler eats. If he eats grilled cheese, use whole wheat instead of white bread. Check the label and be sure that it contains whole wheat as the first ingredient. If your toddler refuses the chicken which is not in nugget form, check the ingredient labels to look for the highest quality available
  • You can add flavors to your toddler nutrition food. You can add ketchup. Some toddlers love dipping the carrots in the yummy red sauce. Your toddler may not prefer dipping the carrots in the red sauce. You can keep a cup with favorite sauce or dressing and allow your toddler dip to his wish.
  • Make fun by decorating the pancakes to look like a face. Simply use blueberries for mouth and banana slices for eyes.
  • Make pancakes containing pureed sweet potatoes. Hide the stuff which your toddler does not like. Chop the vegetables into pasta sauce. Be sure to cover the ingredients.
  • Moderation is important. Do not allow maximum amount of junk food to eat. Cookies are not healthy. But don’t keep your toddler completely off from junk foods. You can allow your toddler to eat birthday cake or cookies when the time is right.
  • You should try everyday giving your toddler the toddler nutrition food. Your toddler might hate that food one day but love the same food other day. Keep the toddler nutrition food everyday in their plate. One day they might eat. Or try after some days.
  • You should be a role model to your child. If you eat fried chicken, your toddler asks the same. You eat healthy foods and some time or the other, your toddler also demands the same food what you are eating.
  • Consult the pediatrician to know about the toddler nutrition. Ask whether the toddler should be given multivitamin. Toddlers generally do not need multivitamins. But, if your toddler is lacking with toddler nutrition, a multivitamin is the solution.

It is common and nothing to worry about your toddler nutrition. Like many others, your toddler will grow healthy and strong even if he prefers some junk food in his diet.


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