How To Deal With Toddler Separation Anxiety?

Toddler learns about object permeance in their development.

As your toddler learns that things continue to exist even when he can’t see them, he will feel better about letting your out of sight.

To reduce toddler separation anxiety, play games like hide and seek or peek-a-boo to help him understand this phenomenon.

Throughout the day, create situations of brief separation. Practice with quick and safe separations.

When you play hide and seek, reduce toddler separation anxiety by whistling, singing or talking so that your toddler thinks that you are present but he can’r see you.Toddler Separation Anxiety

Don’t sneak away! Don’t move quietly when you have to leave your toddler. It seems eaiser than dealing with tearful goodbye but it causes toddler separation anxiety because you have disappeared without warning. The result will be clinginess and diminished trust in your relationship.

Expalin your toddler! Tell your toddler what to expect. If you are going out for shopping and leaving your toddler at caretaker, explain where you are going and when you will come back.

Slowly your toddler will understand your explanation. Explaining your toddler reduces toddler separation anxiety. Don’t go for prolonged time.

Be positive to reduce toddler separation anxiety! Give plenty of time to your toddler when you are leaving home but don’t drag it and make it painful. Express positive attitude when you are leaving.

Leave with smile when you are going to work or evening out. Don’t be nervous when you leave as it leads to toddler separation anxiety. Be confident to help your toddler reduce fears.

Allow separation initiated by toddler! Say goodbye quickly and let your toddler distracted with any interesting activity. If your toddler initiates separation, allow it.

If he goes to another room, don’t rush immediately after him. But you should listen what he is doing to know whether he is safe and let him allow to explore on his own.

Leave with familiar people! Leave your toddler with familiar people. If you are going to leave your toddler with a new caregiver, arrange few visits when all are together before you leave two fo tehm alone together.

When you are leaving your toddler with caregiver or relative, ask them to encourage your toddler to play so that they are distracted by your absence.

Transitional objects! Encourage relationship with special toys if your toddler has one. These are called transitional objects. These objects can comfort when you are separated from him. Toddlers hold the loved toy to ease pain from separation.

Nothing to worry! Many toddlers pass the stage of toddler separation anxiety attaching themselves to one parent or the other. It is difficult to accept but it is temporary and normal phase of development. With patience and little time, the stage will pass.

Toddler separation anxiety is common in childhood. In time your toddler learns that he can separate from you and you will return after short time. Toddler separation anxiety can be reduced based on trust. When you are leaving, you have to tell the return time and leave with a smile.


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