How To Handle A Toddler Temper Tantrum?

You’re spending a leisurely afternoon, shopping for groceries.

Suddenly, your usually angelic toddler throws himself down, screaming, beating his hands and feet on the floor, and just generally making you feel like the worst parent on the face of the earth.

Relax. We’ve all been there. Toddler temper tantrums in public places like grocery stores, malls, even parks, are quite common. These environments can easily overwhelm a child.toddler tantrum

Suddenly, there are interesting things to see, touch, explore and desire everywhere. The noise level is high, the child becomes over stimulated and tired, and he wants an object that he cannot have. Cue toddler meltdown.

The best way to handle a toddler temper tantrums is to remain calm. Remember that you are in charge of the situation, not your toddler. Keep your cool, and know that this is a common developmental stage as your child struggles to deal with conflicting feelings and emotions and exert control over his environment.

Acknowledge your child’s feelings, and then tell him that it is time to become calm. If the tantrum continues, remove yourself and your child to a quiet location.

The most important thing to remember is not to give into your child’s demands. If you do that, your child will learn that a tantrum is a sure way to get what he wants.


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