How To Teach A Toddler To Bathe?

Most toddlers enjoy their bath time, particularly if you allow them to do it by themselves.

It will be a great fun time for your kid, particularly if they learn how to bathe and make it a self-care task for them.

Here are a few tips to teach your kids how to bathe properly:

Begin at right age: The appropriate age for your kids to learn bathing is at the age of 2. Don’t leave them alone at the bath tub initially. Your being with them is very important at starting stages.

Ensure that they know all things: Before you leave your toddler alone at the bath tub, ensure that your baby has all the things s/he needs near the bath tub.

Ensure that you keep all essential things for the bath in reach of your kid. This can help to avoid chances of falling and getting hurt.

Take help from same sex sibling: This is another good way to teach your toddler how to bath. Your little one may love his/her older little sibling teaching self-care tasks. So, ask your elder boy/girl, assist your toddler in bathing.

Be sure to compliment your toddlers on what they have done. When your child knows that they’ve really done a good job, there is scope to develop confidence in your kids.


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