Most Perilous Objects For A Toddler

Once your baby starts crawling or walking, s/he must be kept busy from morning to night, as they explore your home and turn up in places you wouldn’t ever expect.

Though home is meant to be a safe environment, it is actually a breeding ground for a wide variety of accidents.

The first measure to keep your child away from these accidents is to identify all potential hazardous objects for your toddler and ensure that the environment is safe for your toddler. Here is a list of the most hazardous objects:

Living room: Unused sockets, electrical cords, breakable ornaments, fireplace tools and even plants at times pose dangers to your toddler.

Edge guards and attached corners of furniture can also become hazardous for your little one. So, always ensure that these particular objects are kept out of reach of your toddler.

Kitchen: Sharp objects like knives, forks and other cleaning solvents like bleaches and dishwasher detergents can also cause harm to your baby. Other than these things, keep your baby away from breakables and other kitchen appliances.

Bathroom: Razors, pins, cosmetics, perfumes, removers, scissors, soaps and mouthwashes are also dangerous for your toddler. Try to hide these unsafe objects away from your child.

While this list covers most of the dangerous objects in the house, there are plenty more that could cause harm. Try to identify all of them so that your baby has as safe an environment as possible.


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