Reasons Why A Toddler Boy Discipline Is Tougher!

Toddlers misbehave at this age to test your limits.

Some times they do things that are disruptive and dangerous. It is real that a toddler is wonderful little being.

A toddler entertains, frustrates and exasperates but you love them.

Nothing can be joyful to a parent than toddler’s expressive face, busy hands and sound of running.

The real problem comes when it is time to discipline your toddler boy.

Hard to discipline! There are many reasons it is hard to discipline a toddler boy. Natural curiosity develops in that age. Once your toddler boy start walking, he will get to the objects he looks at and the problems begin.Toddler Boy

Toddlers want to discover and handle the items which were out of reach previously.

Your toddler boy is hard to discipline because he is able to move finally freely on his own and he is learning to control his hands and learning motor skills.

Verbal skills! Your toddler boy finds that he can use vocal cord. But the verbal skills are not yet fully developed.

It is hard to understand what he is trying to say and it can be frustrating to both parent and toddler.

This new kill can be blessing because your toddler boy can tell what he needs. But, sometimes it is frustrating what he is trying to figure it out.

Trying different noises! Your toddler boy tries different noises to see how they sound to him and for the reactions of the parents around them. He repeatedly makes sounds if he gets the reaction that pleases him.

It can be frustrating before your toddler boy talks, but it is also frustrating once he starts to talk. Once he talks, wait for the first time he says response “no”.

To be independent! Your toddler boy learns to be independent and have mind of his own. He is learning to think on his own and is not logical always at that age. If he is one year old, without thinking, he impulsively goes right into an activity.

If he is two year old, he will look around and study the environment before starting the activity.

Sometimes your toddler boy carries a task but does not have motor skills to complete it. He will not stop from doing it and it can be frustrating to you. If you explain to him why he can’t do the action, it will not be enough.

You have to show or allow him to make attempts and suffer the results. This is the time you have to try different ways.

When your toddler boy becomes two years, he is found to be daredevil, stubborn and determined. Each toddler is different and reacts in different ways to the situations. Your toddler boy wants to climb to the top for cookie jar. Allow freedom to learn but keep him from getting hurt.


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