Seven Secrets For Successful Toddler Raising

You will have given the toddler a good start in life and in the skills required for the early years at school.

It is amazing how many parents don’t bother about these simple guidelines.

1) Everyday, read to your toddler.

Take time to sit and read stories and poems to your toddler. It’s one of the greatest gifts you can give them. Read and reread stories to them.

Children love the repetition and very soon will object if you try to miss bits out. Try to dramatise the story by putting on accents and different voices but remember to keep the same voice for a character every time.

Take your toddler to the local library and enroll him/her. You will then have access to a huge number of books and your toddler can borrow.

Usually toddlers can borrow four or five at a time. Most libraries have “storytimes” when children sit on the floor and experienced storytellers either read books to the children or tell stories.

The toddlers can then be lead in a discussion about the story and the moral of the story.

All this helps the development of the toddlers listening and language skills, not to mention the child’s imaginative abilities.

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