Toddler Activities For Your Active Child

Children in their toddler years are very curious and bouncing with energy. They love to engage in different activities that interest them like listening to children’s songs, nursery rhymes, and of course, play.

In order to address their needs for socialization and physical activity, these toddler activities are guaranteed to keep them busy and well-exercised.

Toddler activities have played a great role in improving the child’s development stage. The early stages of childhood are the most crucial stage in developing their five senses as well as their physical fitness.

It is important to be creative in putting the child to certain activities for them to enjoy and understand the reason and purpose of their activities.

Here are some common activities for toddlers:

1. Games: Toddler activities must involve games. Toddlers are generally playful and they play with anything they keep their hands on.

Provide them with toys they can manipulate or those which are light enough for them to hold. Playing with a ball for instance can already help them develop their reflexes and enhance strong bones.

2. Groups: Playing alone is not as fun as playing with other toddlers. Make sure to expose your child to group activities that will improve his or her social interaction and cooperation skills.

Toddler activities that involve other children can help improve the child’s self motivation and friendliness.

3. ABC’s and 123’s: Intellectual activities are very important on the child’s growing stage. By starting to introduce school activities and basic lessons at school, you make your child more aware of these things in advance.

4. Arts and Crafts: Toddler activities such as arts and crafts enable the child to improve his talent and creativity. Arts and crafts initiate the child to express their feeling through expressive drawing or coloring.

5.Shapes and colors: Shapes and colors play a great role in improving the visual senses. These basic representations of shapes and colors make them aware of their surroundings.

6. Rainy day activities: Your child’s curiosity is most aggravated during rainy season. The child is excited to touch water, to play outside and to bathe in the rain.

Toddler activities should not be confined indoors. Allow your child to explore outdoor activities to experience the outside world.

7. Potty training: You may not consider it exactly an activity, but you can help your child incorporate potty training on his daily activities. Playing games are not the only activities a child can do.

8. Sports: Toddler activities such as sports will help them develop their love for sports. Buy them miniature sport equipment and teach them how to use it properly. By doing this, you are encouraging them to be more active in sports.

Your child should develop proper discipline[child discipline] and cooperation while performing these toddler activities. Make sure they learn to interact freely with other children.

Be watchful but keep your distance. Your baby may develop too strong attachment to you that will affect him emotionally and socially.


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