Using Routine To Avoid Toddler Tantrums

Tantrums and other disobedient behaviour are very common in toddlers due to the frustration they feel when confronted with the barrier of communication.

The best way to avoid this kind of behaviour is through support, consideration and a certain routine activities.

When children are growing they develop their individual personality, this personal trait must be respected as we cannot expect the child to be exactly as we want him to be.

This does not mean you cannot correct certain elements in his character, but you have to find ways to encourage him to follow the right path without imposing strict rules.toddler

The child’s character can be improved by leading him to be more confident by more stimulating toys and games.

Love is of course at the base of the child’s good behaviour, through hugs and kisses and praises, the child will be more disposed to respect and abide to the rules you dictate for he will be seeking your approval through affection.

Although rules are important they must not stress the child, make sure your priorities lie with safety measures if you find that additional ones may be too much for him to take.

In order to prevent the typical tantrums you must keep a friendly approach to all activities and be aware of your child’s limits in order not to frustrate him.

If your child refuses to obey, calmly repeat the request without getting irritated.

It is important not to keep saying no, only when it is really necessary. Allow your child to choose, this will help him become more independent, though make sure the choice is between things that are good for him.

Organise a schedule and abide to it, children need definite times and routines, it gives them a sense of security and they will know what will be coming next.


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