8 Parenting Tips For Working Parents

It is often difficult for people to juggle between work and personal life, especially for working parents. Studies reveal that most kids who are left at home alone or with a nanny suffer from mental pressure as they don’t find their parents nearby. It is imperative for parents to stay with their children at every phase of life, see them developing and growing up.

As such, kids will also start sharing their feelings with the parents. But, it is often seen that kids of working parents feel neglected, and as such, they often take resort to bad companions or walk on the path of wrongdoings.

A distance gets created when a child doesn’t find either of the parents at their utmost time of crisis. So as parents you must build a better future for your children, and it can begin at home.  Remember, that a child needs a mother the most, but it needs a father too. Thus, caring and upbringing of children should be done together. Listed below are some parenting tips for working parents which can help them create a balance in life.

8 Parenting Tips For Working Parents

Be honest with yourself:

As a working parent, it is important for you to stay honest with yourself and to your kid. Don’t make false promises, which you can’t accomplish. It hurts for children when their expectation shatters. You might think that chocolate can make it you, but if this becomes a practice, then there comes a line of separation. Therefore, make honest promises to your child. If you promise them to take them to park on Saturday, make sure you set your routine accordingly and take out time for them.

Be reasonable:

Before making any plan with your family and children, you should reasonably think and prioritize both work and personal life. If both of you are working, consult among yourselves and take out a feasible time in a day when you solely spend time with your children. Don’t make plans thinking with a hope that you will be able to manage the work.

Set limitations:

For working parents it is important to set limits on the amount of work you can do. Coordinate the household work amongst yourselves, so that you have enough time for the children. Don’t work late night just when your child expects you to feed them or sing a lullaby.

Talk to your manager to reset goals and priorities:

At workplace make it clear to your seniors about your priorities. It is important that you don’t make false promises at workplace as well. This is because failing to keep promise can be adverse to your reputation. Tell manager the amount of work you can do in a day, so to balance work and personal life.

Put some slack in your schedule:

After becoming parents, a lot of responsibilities come in both for the mother and the father as well. So it is now not anymore just your career that you should focus on. Your child needs attention from both of you, and for that, you need to reschedule your lifestyle. You can’t come home tired and just hit the bed. Your child expects you to play with them. So set work boundaries and resume working after they are off to sleep.

Maintain perspective:

Working parents have to deal with multitasking at times because their need at home and work is equally important. So you require better time management and perspective to decide how you can balance both. Yes, it is perilous and can be frustrating even, but then you have to make choices so to balance both.


For working parents, it is important to communicate with your children. Ask them about their daily activities at school, what new things they learned, etc. This will make the kids feel that you are taking an active interest in their life. They will start sharing their good and bad moments with you.

Organize surprise family plans:

Such plans as an outing or inviting your friends and children to your place will help you create a bond within the family. Do something special for your kids on their birthday or buy them surprise presents. Encourage them in taking part in academics and sports. These small things can boost up a child’s mind and help you balance both work and personal life.



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