Are You A Woman Working Part-Time? You Probably Have Healthier Kids

A recent Australian study has found that mothers who work part time are likely to have the healthiest kids; more so that women who either work full time or are stay at home moms.

According to researchers Jan Nicholson of Melbourne’s Murdoch Childrens Research Institute, those children whose mothers worked part time, were likely to watch one hour less TV per week.

Those children were also more likely to have a healthier lifestyle it was found. These children were seen as being healthier than those of full time working or stay at home moms due to snacking less, being more physically active, and watching less TV.

parttime working mother

The study that examined as many as 2,500 children over the span of some years was entitled Do working mothers raise couch potato kids? It sought to examine the impact of working mothers on the obesity epidemic that is gripping large parts of the western world. Results of the study indicated that between 18 and 20% children were obese.

It is not unreasonable to think that mothers who work full time may perhaps not have as much time to encourage their children to be involved in physical activity or prepare home cooked meals whereas women who worked part-time would have more time to do this.

Source: Montreal Gazette


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