For employers area section on workingmums

So who employs us working mums? And how do they go about finding the wonderful breed that we are?

At there is a whole area dedicated to the employers. Here you can see how they advertise their jobs and wait for the many responses.

So why do they choose Simple, they are offered the following:

– Online recruitment service to find skilled and experienced part time and full time staff.

– Cost effective recruitment advertising at only £99.95 per job.

– Advertise jobs today and start receiving CVs direct to your inbox.

– It’s quick and simple to advertise a job.

So there is no wonder why so many employees advertise on this site. Which is a good thing for us working mums! What I like the most is that the site is obviously for the workers but it is not neglecting the employers. It is an easy process to sign up and then advertise your job. They then get alerted when a candidate has applied, and they also get notified to how many people have looked at their advertisement.

The most useful area perhaps for the employers is the Employers testimonials area. As it says it is an area that helps employers make their decisions. If you’re still unsure about using Working Mums to find your perfect employee, read some of the comments we’ve received from happy employers who have used our service and been impressed with the response.

A solid way to gain new clients and consequently provide more work for their many working mums at They honestly seem to be looking out for their mums and that is something to be applauded.


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