Juggling Home And Work – Some Tips For Supermom

Sometimes it seems that a working mother is required to do everything that Superwoman can, except perhaps, fly! Society has conditioned women to have the wherewithal and the mental toughness to have it all – a loving home and family as well as a fulfilling career.

It can be tough but it can be done and is likely to be greatly rewarding as well.

Prioritize and organize

These are the tools that stand you in good stead when you have to make sure that the kids are doing well in school and that your work projects are not suffering either.

Things that need to be done can seem overwhelming, so pick those that are most important and then work your way down the priority list in an organized manner

Make sure that everyone pitches in

There is no reason why super mom has to be responsible for everything. Kids should have age appropriate chores, and each person in the family should have responsibilities.

It can be a struggle to make sure that the family eats healthy when there are time constraints and so many things to be taken care of.

So make good use of your freezer, take the time over the weekend to cook up large servings of hearty meals that can last through the week. Use time saving ideas such as smoothies for breakfast and keeping healthy snacks around the house.

Shop online

This can really save a lot of time in that you don’t have to drive to a store and spend time going around the aisles looking for particular items of brands. You can have a number of things home delivered, saving you a lot of time and energy. Also buy in bulk to save time and money.

Take time out for yourself

It may be asking the impossible that you get everything done and then take out time for yourself, but it may mean the difference between sanity and insanity.

You can feel resentful and overburdened if you don’t get a break; both literally and figuratively. So give yourself a half hour each day to indulge in a work out or other favorite activity. It is again a case of prioritizing so make sure that super mom isn’t always relegated to the last priority in this scenario!


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