Part Time Jobs for Mums

If you have been a full time mum for the past few years, then you will know that getting into the swing of working again can be a daunting procedure. This is why it is probably best to start small and look into part-time work as appose to a 9 to 5 career.

Being a mum, as you already probably know, is a full time career in itself. However with redundancy and pay freezes occurring more and more, many mums have to seek employment in order to bring in a little extra income.

Part-time work is ideal for mums as it not only allows for a little extra cash, it also means you are only spending a small part of the week away from your children as opposed to all week during full time employment.  This also reduces the cost of childcare.

It is also a great way to get back into the world of work and excel in skills you may have put on hold after the birth of your child.

Part time work allows mums to manage their working hours around their children’s school or nursery timetables, meaning they are available to both, drop them off and pick them up from school, or alternatively arrange play dates in advance when they know they are going to have to work later.

Getting back into work brings with it a great deal of independence; not only does it reduce the stress on the working dad, it can aid in your confidence as well. It is also incredibly useful for when your child is much older and you decide to enter full time employment once again; instead of being out of the loop, you will know the latest developments in your field and be able to slot easily into a similar role.


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