5 Things you must avoid if you’re a Working Parent

Parenting is a tedious task. After a child is born, it is the utmost duty of parents to look after their well being from health to education including teaching them proper manners and behavior. Seeing a child grow is the dream of every parent but in today’s world mostly both the parents have to go to work. It thus becomes even more difficult to look after the needs of a child. Therefore, it is imperative that working parents create a special bond with their children and look after their needs. However, there are certain things which working parents must avoid.

5 Things you must avoid if you're a Working Parent

1. Overreact

After a tiresome day at office, many parents tend to release their frustration on the kids. This annoys children when instead of understanding their behavior, parents tend to yell at them. Your child must be yearning for love from you so never overreact. The more you show your frustration, kids will feel that it’s best to avoid a conversation with the parents. Instead, as parents, you are required to understand your child and talk to them as a friend. You must give them proper guidance from their early childhood. The more you interact with your child, the stronger your bond will become.

2. Dealing with other people

It is best not to portray your problems in front of kids. It can be one of those bad days for you at a workplace where you had a hard time in dealing with clients and your boss but don’t showcase them in front of your kids. Remember that children look up to their parents as their idol. They tend to imitate every act and action of yours. So if you show your ill temper in front of them, tomorrow they might do the same at school. Thus, when you enter your home, forget  all your stress and worries and enjoy your time with your children. Teach them good manners, and they will do the same.

3. My child can never go wrong

Taking the side of your children is a common practice which most parents follow. You need to be judgmental and understand the situation before taking the side of your kid. If he/she has done any wrong deed, then it must be rectified. The moment you cover their mistake, they become prone to making the next mistake. For example, if your child speaks ill of anyone at school whether it is the teacher or a classmate, never encourage them. They will assume that we can talk rudely about someone we are angry with. You need to make them realize that no matter what, it is their duty to respect others if they wish to get  similar respect in return.

4. Ignoring the good things

The more you appreciate your kids; it encourages them to do better. This is not only in the sphere of academics but behavioral pattern as well. Ignoring the good qualities in them will make children feel that it is impossible for them to impress their parents. Every human being has some flaws but that should not be the reason to overlook the good in them.

5. Demanding respect

Respect is something which can be earned and not demanded. If you want your kids to respect you out of love then present yourself in that manner. If you demand respect from them, it will be forceful and out of fear. But after some years when your child grows up, he/she will have negligible respect for you.  Respect is not a rule but a feeling that should come from within.


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