Time Management Tips for Working Parents

When both of you are working, it is important to make sure that you have time set for your duties for your children and other priorities of the family. Often thing may get a little out of control when you have a pressing job and kids who have commitments at school and with extra-curricular activities. Thus you must understand how you can manage all your work so that you do not fail as parents.

time management tips for working parents

Manage your time and be a good parent with these useful tips that are quite easy to follow –

  • Assess your work and your time: Before you start your day make a list of the duties you have and also assess the time you need to allot to each work. Think practically and leave breathing space in between. You are a human and not a machine.
  • Divide the work load: If you have a partner, then it is better to divide the work. You may drop the kids to school and your partner may pick them up. Work it out as per your convenience.
  • Prioritize your duties and chores: You may have a lot of tasks but you need to prioritize your work. Think what is important… going to your daughter’s ballet practice to give her moral support or spending that time in the beauty parlor.
  • Have a contingency plan ready: You need to consider the possibility of an emergency. Simply put, you may come across a situation that may need you to cancel on your child. Make sure that you have someone to take care of them in such situations.
  • Ask for help if you need it: If you are tightly placed on a particular day, then do not hesitate to ask for help from family and friends. They are there to help and support you and you do not need to feel guilty or ashamed if you have asked for help.
  • Utilize time when you have it: If one day you have some extra time, then get the laundry done or finish vacuuming the house or even cook a meal. Do not leave it for another day. This may help you to make room for some other work.
  • Multi task: This is a must. You can talk over the phone, and cook pasta at the same time. Or while your chicken id baking, iron the clothes. Time is of the essence and you must understand how to utilize it to the maximum possibility.


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