Tips To Lessen The Stress And Strain For Working Mom!

It will be challenging for the working woman to take care of their children

As a working woman, you need not collect the pay check. You are needed by some one to take care of them.

Every working woman should have the motto “saving your money, time and energy”.

What does the working mom do?

Every mom has lot of things to do and without enough time to do it. They are trying to be a mother, wife and do outside work.Working Mom

As a working mom, you have to get up early in the morning, making the school-age children and babies ready for the school and day care and have to get ready by yourself for the work. This can lead to anger, stress, and pressure.

After the work day, your house work starts. It consists of helping your children with their home work, settling the fight among the kids, preparing the dinner, doing laundry work.

Added to this, you may have other things to do like the grocery shopping, appointment of dentist and doctor, paying bills, transporting children from school or sporting, and illnesses which results when you are tired and stressed. [Parenting Stress]

You may feel alone and tired very often. You also feel that you are defeated, isolated and would like to have some relief. Fortunately you might have one season for relief that is when your children grow and do their things independently.

All the non-essential things can be cut off from your life at this moment. But you need to do for yourself again in the midst of battle.

Tips to alleviate load and stress of working mom:

  • Chore has to be assigned to every one. It requires some time to force them to do their duty but it will work later on.
  • You are not the super woman. You have to admit and accept it. The world will not have been revolving, if something has not done.
  • Find other women to help you. She can clean and take care of errands while you take care of her children. By this way both can help each other.
  • Find out some time, at least 15 minutes to rest, meditate and pray. The best way to relax is by bubble bath.
  • Find some one you can talk and trust as a good friend.
  • It would be better for you to write the feelings, things that are going around you and the fear. You need not blow up on the other person for these feelings.

You can follow the tips which help to reduce the stress as working mom.


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