Working Parents And Stress Management Methods

Did you know, were you aware, that stress can cause several disorders of the autonomic nervous system, and that headache you have been tolerating for the past week, that severe back pain, and the constant fatigue and irritability may all have been caused by simple stress?

Why do we all put up with stress? Why do we lead such stressful lives, as working people, and more importantly, as working parents? Why don’t we all take a step towards alleviating stress and related disorders?

If you agree with me, here are some tips for you that will help you handle the stress [Parenting Stress] in your life, so that you will be able to handle a relatively healthier, happier and a stress free life.

  • Wake up fifteen minutes earlier everyday. This will give you some time to yourself, to be yourself. Read, walk, take deep breaths of the fresh cool morning air, and stare into space: do whatever you want. This can be one of the most effective stress busters; it works for me.
  • Prepare for school/ work the previous night. Set out your clothes, iron your children’s, and prepare breakfast and pack lunch too. These can be great stress relievers for you.
  • You may be aware that stress is nothing but your body’s ‘fight or flight response’ to any situation that it encounters. If at all possible, try your best to make stress more your friend than your foe. After all, stress will provide you with the burst of energy that you can make use of to complete that long awaited for presentation, or to take your kids out to the park to play a robust round of basketball with them.
  • You can watch other people around you, and try to figure out how, if at all, they are handling their stresses. If you feel that your friend is not able to face his stress, then you can either teach him how to, or avoid him altogether as stress can be infectious. On the other hand, if you see someone handling stress beautifully, try to imitate them, and see if the same methods work for you.
  • Use this time tested technique for stress management: take several deep breaths if you are confronted with a stress causing situation. Remain aware of your body, and breathe in and out slowly until you can feel your heart beat slowing down and the stress leaving your body.

No matter what happens, remember, nothing is impossible. There is time for everything in life; all you have to do is manage your time well, so that you are able to enjoy your life and what it offers you, at least once in a while.

Enjoy your kids, spend quality time with them, and be there for them. They will thank you for it at a later time, if not now.


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