Working Parents: What Employers Can do to Help

Working parents face a lot of hardships juggling their work, the office meetings, deadlines and then the deadlines and schedules of their children. Handling all these things on their own can hamper the productivity of even the most talented employees.

There is thus a need for some effort on the part of the employers worldwide who wish to tap into the talent reservoir of its employees and make the most of it. There are lot things that can be done for example working parents can be offered facilities of their children, vouchers or any other support.

working parentsA few things that employers can do to help working parents are as follows:

  • Employers can offer their employees with childcare vouchers or childcare allowances to support certain expenses made for the childcare requirements. It is a way that will make the working parents feel more secure and more inclined towards performing in the office.
  • A complete wellness program is also a good way to go. That is, the employer or the company can invest in a good wellness program. A complete program is usually made up of a health plan for the working individuals as well as the dependent children, gym facilities or gym memberships, fitness classes, and various medical vaccination or awareness days and workshops.
  • Leaves- all the working parents will need to take leaves from the work time and time again. The employers can offer working parents special parental leaves and other leave options like maternal leave, extended maternal leaves, paternal leaves, adoption leaves and childcare emergency leaves etc.
  • Lifting the restriction of strict working hours could be another way to help out working parents. And as long as they are getting all the work done it should not be any trouble for the employers and neither should it be their focus as to how do these parents manage their working time.
  • The employers can also put in place some working parent’s assistance programs. For example they can collaborate with or get on their rooster experts who can advice parents in need as to how they can improve their time and responsibility management skills between work and their children. There are also experts who specialise in helping working parents cope with their loves and the complex structure of it.
  • In office or office sponsored child care centres are one other great option that can pursued by employers. That is, the employers can open child day care centres within the premises of the office or near the office so that the parents do not have to worry about their children during working hours and focus on their office duties more efficiently.


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