Authoritative Parenting Style Effects on Children

If you are interested in the authoritative parenting style effects on children you should know that this parenting style offers a balance that no other style does. Growing up in an authoritative household centers around positive developments in all fields of life.

Authoritative Parenting Style Effects on Children

The effects on children

This parenting style is all about offering support and having high expectations. As a result of the style the children will develop independence, motivation, self-confidence, self-regulation, and critical thinking skills. Besides these the techniques also promote social responsibility, individuality, and appropriate assertiveness.

Academic achievements

The parents thinking about the results of authoritative parenting styles on children should know that these children usually achieve higher academic scores, they have more school involvement, and they have less undesirable behavior. These children do well in all school climates.


Some of the studies regarding the authoritative parenting style effects on children suggest that the preschoolers of authoritative parents are more mature than other children. They have higher rates of achievement and they also have a higher GPA compared to other parenting styles.


The specialists believe that the authoritative parenting style results on children originate from the fact that the parents offer their children emotional security which gives the children independence and a sense of comfort that helps them perform better at school.

Behavioral and emotional

Researches show that this parenting style results in the children having empathy for others and they are more likely to have a positive social behavior as adults. Even when parents express their disappointment, it offers children the possibility to develop their moral identity.

This outcome of the authoritative parenting style suggests that when parents point out the mistake of the child, the child realizes that he or she has made a mistake and this promotes a positive self-concept.

Specialists believe that it is best if both the parents have the same parenting style. According to the findings of researchers, the children of authoritative parents are usually more cooperative with their peers. In the same time these children have better reasoning abilities as well.

You have to decide what kind of parenting style you wish to adopt even before you become a parent. Knowing about the authoritative parenting style effects on children might make this decision a little easier for you. Naturally you will have to consider other styles as well to make an educated decision.


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