How To Protect Your Child From Pediatric Injuries?

Injuries in the childhood are all part of rising up for an energetic and active child. Children often come across pediatric injuries right from an early age. In fact, so many kids cannot pass the day without an injury.

When it comes to parenting, every parent desires to protect his or her children from pediatric injuries. However, paying close attention and guarding children all the time is not always possible.

As a parent, understand what pediatric injuries are and how to prevent them.pediatric injuries

Getting aware of the most common causes of pediatric injuries helps you decide what to look out for when an injury happens, to keep your child safe and protective. It also helps you determine what to teach your children as she/he get older.

Get aware of the most common pediatric injuries and prevention methods

Pediatric Injuries In The Home: Falls, choking, burns, and many other injuries of same sort are common pediatric injuries in and around the home. Falls are the most common pediatric injuries in and around the house. It is more common in babies who are little and unable to control the body movements. Falls can lead to bumps and bruises in children who play in or around the home.

To prevent injuries in the home, always keep an eye on your child and ensure that you supervise your kid’s play for any possible risk in the home that may cause childhood injuries.

Bicycle Injuries: Falling or slipping off a bicycle, bike, skateboard, or other toy with wheels is just a part of learning to ride. No matter how perfect your child is following road safety and how advanced the riding skills are, allow your child to ride the bicycle outside only when he/she is grown up to at least 10 years old.

Instruct the child to wear helmet, as it is the most preventive method of avoiding this kind of injuries. Providing bicycle/bike riding safety guidance can surely help to protect your child from serious injuries.

Road Injuries: Playing in front of the house, outside the school, moving at shopping centers, or when you and your child are out for a walk are some of the reasons for road injuries. Recent surveys has illustrated that children under the age of 10 are developmentally incapable to make self-decisions on safe traffic and are in need of an adult supervision to follow road safety.

Teach your child about traffic rules, road safety, and safety while getting in and out of the car. As children can learn easily by self-experience, it is a good idea to take your child out for a walk while explaining the safety guidelines.

Playground injuries: Playground injuries in children at preschool and elementary levels are very common and are part of learning certain skills. As majority of pediatric injuries happens while playing, it is a good idea to be with your kids in the playground and ensure that the playground equipments are safe to play and with current standards of safety.

As pediatric injuries can happen at any time, make your child to practice a few emergency procedures and ask him/her to keep first-aid tools on hand all the time, as well as make them to remember all emergency phone numbers.


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