Maintaining Parenting Skills Even After Your Child Leaves Home!

You might have experienced the empty house syndrome.

You spent years with your children teaching them to be independent and stand on their own.

But, you roar when they leave you.

You feel emotional and think your job is over.

You also think that you will not be needed any more.

But, it is not true. You find that you are more important now than you were while growing up.Parenting Skills

Your child realizes now that you know something about the world. He also thinks that you were right when you made him stay home from an activity.

You know your parenting skills have paid off once your children grows into adult. You should not think that you are not perfect parent. No one is perfect. You worked hard to learn how to parent your children, discipline which helped your child and willing to admit when you are wrong.

Yes, your parenting skills are needed still when your children start having children. It is different to you when you have grand children. You should know when to not to interfere with your child’s parenting skills.

You should know your limits when you are going to discipline your grand children. You can take action only when your child is putting your grand children at risk physically.

Being a grandparent is fun. You can apply your parenting skills in looking after your grand children. You can love, pay attention, feed the little one and send them home. You get all the benefits and joys without most of the work in raising the children. When you become a grand parent, set the rules and be consistent with the rules in your home and of their home.

Sometimes your children turn to you for your advice in raising their children. As grandparents and parents you need to be emotionally detached and share your parenting skills with them. Yes, that is hard. But, it is important your children know that you are trying to be fair and neutral in your advice.

You are asked advice on business matters, marriage, finance, and moving. It needs all your previous parenting skills to help your children in hard time. Don’t be authoritative but be helpful. Wait to give advice until they ask and watch your tone of voice with your children.

Parenting skills are needed when your child leaves your home. Parenting skills are required more than ever and better received by your children. A parent is always a parent and you will be the first person they will turn for advice when they leave home.

Don’t put away your parenting skills when your children grow older. Improve them because they are much needed when your children become adults.


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