Effects of Single Parenting on Children

The rate of single parenting has gone up considerably in the past 10 years. While some of the increase may be attributed to the growing number of divorces, the other reason is having children out of wedlock and then getting separated from partners.

In most cases it is the mother who has to raise the child and therefore the single parent club sees mostly women. Now if you are a single parent you not only have to face a lot of hardships, but you also see a lot of changes in your child’s behavior. Some changes are positive and some are negative. You must understand the effects that a single parent can have on children. Take a look.

effects of single parenting on childrenPositive Effects

Makes them Independent

When a child has only one parent he/she realizes that the parent cannot always be present. So he/she starts taking responsibilities at home and for himself/herself. This stops them from being dependent on others for every small thing.

Teaches them the Meaning of Responsibility

Seeing their parent toil hard to keep things in place urges a sense to help out. That is what being responsible is because even if a child cannot help earn money he/she can contribute in other ways.

Inculcates the Sense of Compassion and Support

Many children get bullied for having one parent and that makes them compassionate about others. They also learn to not be greedy and pester their parents for small things. It matures them greatly.

Negative effects


Having just one parent means insecurity in various aspects of life. The child may have to stay at home alone and that may inculcate the feeling of fear in them.

Educational Problems

As a single parent it may be difficult for you to have plenty of money and lack of money may cause problems in the child’s educational area. That will further hamper the child’s all round development.

Easily going Astray

It is quite impossible to be aware of every move of the child when a parent is working two or three jobs to earn money for the upkeep of the family. That gives a child ample time to befriend people who will do more harm than good. It will also draw them to things like alcohol, drugs and things that are most harmful to a young person.

Single parenting is tough and it has both positive and negative impacts on a child. It is the way the situation is handled that a child turns out to be.


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