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Physical activities for kids

Advantages of Physical Activities for Kids

Children like to run around because they have so much energy so it makes sense to find physical activities for kids to do. There are plenty of options available but it is important to touch on the advantages of them. Physical activities for kids advantage 1 – Burn energy and have fun The main advantage […]

Tiger Mom Parenting

‘Tiger Mom’ Parenting may not be Good for Kids

Ever since its publication last year, the book Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother by Amy Chua and the kind of forceful parenting described therein has become a matter of discussion, criticism and controversy. The book looks at the way that children who are raised by ‘Tiger Moms’ in the way that Chinese parents are […]

Kids Art Activities

Ideas for Kids Art Activities

Kids love making things and drawing pictures and this is a great way to aid with development. There are many different kids art activities that you can let your children do and you could even join in to help with bonding and some quality family time. Kids art activities for toddlers As your child is […]

Kids Learning Activities

Ideas for Kids Learning Activities

Something that many children benefit from is activities to aid with learning. This is because they are fun and interesting. Kids learning activities are something that you should consider, no matter how old your child is. This is something that will aid them with school work in later years and even into college and the […]

Fun activities for toddlers

Development Benefits of Fun Activities for Toddlers

Toddlers love to play and that is the best way that they will learn. If they are not having fun then they will be less willing to entertain you and will want more attention. However, there are many benefits to finding fun activities for toddlers to do. Fun activities for toddlers benefit 1 – Cognitive […]

Knowing About the Development of Children

Knowing About the Development of Children

Children develop in similar ways – the time will differ but the stages will be very similar. It is important to know the development of children and the different stages; this will help you to be prepared during your child’s life and will also help you aid with it. The development of children – The […]

Permanent Teeth

All You Need to Know About Permanent Teeth

Babies start to teethe at some point during the first year of life and have 20 baby teeth or milk teeth by the time they are 33 months of age. The age at which a baby starts to cut their first tooth is very variable and is generally determined by genetics. Dental care for permanent […]

Educational activities for kids

Benefits of Educational Activities for Kids

When it comes to education, all children learn better when they are happy and having fun. Because of this, it makes more sense to set up educational activities for kids to do. There are also many other benefits to doing this. Educational activities for kids benefit 1: Keeps them occupied Because the children are having […]

Learning activities for toddlers

Ideas for Learning Activities for Toddlers

Your child needs to be able to develop his brain to be able to grow. This means looking for some learning activities for toddlers to be able to help with this. The good news is that there are some, perfect for the different age brackets of your child’s development. Learning activities for toddlers 12 to […]

Activities for 5 year olds

Ideas for Activities for 5 Year Olds

When a child reaches five years old, there is a lot to explore and learn. This is a great time to teach your child new things and to bond, and you can do that through games and activities. The trick is to find the perfect activities for 5 years olds. Activities for 5 year olds […]