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working parents to spend weekends with children

Best Ways for Working Parents to Spend Weekends with Children

If you are a working parent who hardly gets to see his/her children through the week and crave to spend time with them, then you must make the most of the weekends! Yes, weekends are a great time to communicate, have fun and spend time with your children. It is the weekend when you and […]

working parents’ stress busting guide

Working Parents’ Stress Busting Guide

Life in modern times is full of stress. Each human being is under immense pressure all the time. And if you have children, stress factor multiplies. And if you are a couple that works, then it becomes far more difficult to handle the stress. However, there are certain tricks of the trade, and if you […]

tips for working parent on child raising

Tips for Working Parent on Child Raising

In the modern times, it is hard to find parents staying back at home, since both the spouses are working, if not full time then even at least part time. Financially it is undoubtedly a better option with rising cost of daily lives. It is also true, when you become parents; you need the extra […]

working parents

Working Parents: What Employers Can do to Help

Working parents face a lot of hardships juggling their work, the office meetings, deadlines and then the deadlines and schedules of their children. Handling all these things on their own can hamper the productivity of even the most talented employees. There is thus a need for some effort on the part of the employers worldwide […]

time management tips for working parents

Time Management Tips for Working Parents

When both of you are working, it is important to make sure that you have time set for your duties for your children and other priorities of the family. Often thing may get a little out of control when you have a pressing job and kids who have commitments at school and with extra-curricular activities. […]

Spend Time with Children

Top 7 ways to Spend Quality Time with Children for Working Parents

Working parents often get too busy with their professional lives and are hardly able to give their children any time.  This makes bonding with the children difficult and makes way for distances between parents and children.  Spending quality time may be challenging for working parents but you must make all efforts to do so. The […]

For employers area section on workingmums

So who employs us working mums? And how do they go about finding the wonderful breed that we are? At there is a whole area dedicated to the employers. Here you can see how they advertise their jobs and wait for the many responses. So why do they choose Simple, they are offered […]

Parents with 80 Hour Weeks and Their Impact on the Family

Parents with 80 Hour Weeks and Their Impact on the Family

What happens when a mother works 80 hours a week? Obviously the women themselves enjoy their jobs and find them hugely rewarding and enjoyable but does this professional success come at great cost to their families and themselves? What an 80 hour week can mean for a mother Well in a word, Yes! 45-year-old Miriam George has handed over […]

Part Time Jobs for Mums

If you have been a full time mum for the past few years, then you will know that getting into the swing of working again can be a daunting procedure. This is why it is probably best to start small and look into part-time work as appose to a 9 to 5 career. Being a […]

working parents

Working Parents Have Just 90 Minutes a Day for Themselves

With so many responsibilities and things to get done in a day and so many vying for their attention, parents are run ragged at the end of each day; having no more than 90 minutes to spare each day finds a recent study. A British study found that this is the case in spite of […]