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Sleep Routine for Your Baby

The Real Importance of Sleep Routine for Your Baby

You must have heard many say that it is important to establish a certain sleeping routine for babies from the very beginning and to put them to bed almost on the same time every day. But have you ever wondered why this thing is so important?  Well the following part of the article will help […]

kid eating food

5 Ways to Know That Your Kid is Ready for Preschool

Most of the preschools start accepting kids who have turned 2 ½ but this in no way suggests that as soon as a kid turns this age, he/she is ready for it.  Different children grow differently and not every 2 ½ year old may be physically, mentally and socially developed for preschool education.  The following […]

new born with sibling

Tips to Prepare Your Child for a New Sibling

A new baby in the house changes the dynamics of the family in a lot of ways.  Before the new one arrives, it is very important for you to prepare your child for the soon-to-arrive baby. Children are often used to undivided attention of their parents and may not always be able to adjust to […]

Ways to Approach a Shy Toddler

7 Effective Ways to Approach a Shy Toddler

Shy toddlers or children may be difficult to approach because of their discomfort at talking with new people or even relatives. Shy toddlers don’t open up to everyone that easily and take their time adjusting in new surroundings and with new people. But by following the given below 7 tips and suggestions, you can approach […]

Spend Time with Children

Top 7 ways to Spend Quality Time with Children for Working Parents

Working parents often get too busy with their professional lives and are hardly able to give their children any time.  This makes bonding with the children difficult and makes way for distances between parents and children.  Spending quality time may be challenging for working parents but you must make all efforts to do so. The […]